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Having an estate sale is a great way to clear up some much needed space in your home, garage, or basement. It's important to get the best full-service content and estate sale company in Canada if you want to maximize your sales potential. Ideally, you'd find a company that can accept multiple forms of payment such as cash, credit cards, email money transfers and cheques to help accommodate the sale of larger or more valuable items. The best companies will begin with a consultation and follow through with help in sorting, pricing, preparing for the sale, advertising and cleaning up afterwards.
Initial Consultation
Once you've contacted a highly-reputable estate liquidator by phone or email, a home consultation will take place. It's the best way to view the items available for sale and make suggestions regarding price and the overall flow of the sale. They will also review any time constraints you may have as well as potential financial goals. Compensation for the high-quality professional service will also be discussed.
When you're ready to proceed with the sale, a trustworthy highly-trained team will visit the home in question and organize all the items for sale, from attic to basement. They will help you decide what you should keep and what should be sold. The team can go through the house on their own, should you feel unable to go along. Every space in the home will be checked, emptied and sorted. Any personal items found by the staff will be put aside to be discussed with you.
The items you wish to sell will be researched to ensure that you get a fair market value price for items when they are sold. Some services included in the process include documenting and photographing. Items may be discussed with industry professionals to evaluate antiques and other historical items. You can even submit minimum prices for items you feel are more valuable; just like a minimum reserve at an auction.
Preparing and Advertising
Clothing racks, shelves, display cases, tables and appropriate lighting can be supplied by the best quality home liquidators in order to better showcase your items. Items will be photographed and shown online to help generate interest in your sale. Other advertising includes well placed ads in newspaper and magazines, as well as on the internet and through neighbourhood flyers. Antique buyers and other industry related folks will be contacted through an extensive email database to be sure that anyone with an interest in what you've got for sale will be in attendance.
Sale Day!
On the day of the sale a team will arrive at your home to greet and welcome the long line of buyers outside your home. Any last minute changes will be made and an appropriate number of customers will be let into your house in groups. A well-trained friendly staff will be available to answer questions about items for sale and to collect money from sales.
Having an estate sale is an easy task when you hire the best in the industry. Even once the sale has been completed, the best estate liquidators will help to finish up. Anything left unsold can be hauled away, and even cleaning services can be supplied! Contact only the best home liquidator for a consultation!
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